character generation rules

Character Generation Rules

Each character has a total of 10 Bonus Points that may be spent at any time during character creation.

Step 1: Calling
Choose calling and nature. Purchase your parent based on the Gods point levels. Each character has 3 initial points with which to purchase their parent and can use bonus points to purchase a more expensive one. Any remaining initial points are added to Birthrights in Step 4.

Step 2: Attributes
Prioritize attributes 8/6/4 between Physical, Social and Mental attributes. All attributes start with 1 point before adding more.

Step 3 Abilities
Allocate 6 points between your parent’s favoured abilities. Allocate 24 additional points between the rest of your abilities. No ability may be higher than 3 before using bonus points.

Step 4: Advantages
Allocate 5 points as well as any additional points from Step 1 to birthrights. No single birthright may be above 3 before using bonus points. Allocate 10 points to Boons and Epic Attributes. No Epic attribute may be equal to or greater than your Legend rating. You may not purchase Boons that are higher than your Legend rating. Allocate 5 points to Virtues. No single Virtue may be higher than 4 before spending bonus points.

Step 5: Finishing Touches
Record Legend rating (3), Willpower (total of two highest Virtues) and Legend points (Legend rating squared)

The following is a list of how Bonus points may be spent:

Trait Cost
Attribute 4
Ability 2(1 if favoured)
Birthright 1(2 if being raised above 3)
Virtue 3
Willpower 2
Epic Attribute 5(4 if associated)
Knack 3
Boons 5(4 if associated)
  • Remove Legend from the purchasable items. Legend will be granted equally to all players at the ST’s discretion.
  • Additional points will be awarded once per character for the following (amount to be determined at time of submission):
    Backstory- What your character did before their Visitation
    Description of Visitation
    Description of relationship with Divine Parent
    Description of birthrights- what is their story? Who had them before you?
    Description of at least 3 mortals significant to your character. (Be prepared to see them as NPCs)
    Description of at least 3 gods who have taken an interest in your character- None may be your Divine Parent and at least one must be from a different Pantheon. (Be prepared to have them show up during the game)
    In character description of the other characters
    A general notion of what you would like to become a god of (note: this is allowed to change throughout the course of the game)
    A literary or mythological-style theme that you would like to feature prominently in your character’s Legend.
  • Additional points will be awarded once per story per character for the submission of songs either that describe your character, an NPC, the general theme of the story or general battle music (amount to be determined at time of submission).
  • Additional points will be given each game for the submission of a character diary or description of the previous game’s events in the Adventure Log. Please note that submissions will be due before the beginning of the next game.

The following Pantheons are not considered playable (but may make an appearance later on): Yankee and Allied pantheons, Atlantis, Yazata & Nemetondevos (Gaulish pantheon- originally released in French, see me if you’re interested in details).

If there are any fan-made Pantheons, Purviews, Knacks, Boons etc. that you wish to use or if there are any Gods that are not on the current list that you’d like to see, please let me know and I’ll give them a once over/write up stats.

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