changes and house rules

  • Legend cannot be bought, it will be earned throughout the story based on your character’s actions. (If you want to go up in Legend, do legendary things!)

*The following are possibilities that can be done with stunt dice

  • * * regain a number of Legend points equal to your Legend score (1 dice)
  • * * regain 1 temporary willpower (2 dice minimum)
  • * * regain 1 Virtue channel: only if the stunt resonates with the Virtue (2 dice minimum)
  • * * gain 1 xp (3 dice)

*Adjustment for Untouchable Opponent: You will add the dots for your Epic Dexterity to your DV, not Epic Successes. (ie. If you have 4 dots of Epic Dexterity, you will add 4 to your DV, not 7)

*Automatic successes from Epic Perception are added to firearms damage.

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changes and house rules

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